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Our Story

...Begins with a lovely lady named, Michele. She was first a seamstress, gracing Hawaii with exquisite garments, crafting dresses, shirts, and shorts under the banner of Designs by Michele. Serving tea while fitting guests, this practice eventually snowballed into what is now Tea at 1024, opening in 1999.


 Michele's passion for tea and creativity never wavered. She infused her love for travel into Tea at 1024, bringing back unique tea sets and inspired pieces from her adventures around the globe.The quaint shop in downtown Honolulu became a hub of charm, drawing in locals and tourists alike with its delightful offerings. Now serving delicious sandwiches, petite sweets, scones, and of course...Tea!

Throughout this, numerous individuals have been part of the Tea at 1024 story, each leaving their mark.


One particular individual, Lattrecia Norman, started her journey at the young age of 19. She quickly became a valuable member of the team. Her dedication, creativity, and passion for tea aligned with Michele's own, making her the perfect successor to carry on the legacy of the beloved shop.


At Tea at 1024, the goal is to blend tradition with innovation to create a unique and welcoming experience for all who step through the doors. Their shared vision ensures that the shop continued to evolve, always staying true to its roots while embracing new possibilities.

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And so, the story of Tea at 1024 will continue to unfold, with each chapter adding to the rich tapestry of its history. As new faces come and go, the spirit of creativity and community that Michele had instilled, will remain at the heart of this charming establishment, inviting guests to share in the magic of tea and tradition.

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