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Tea At 1024

A World of PremiumTea Delivered to Your door

Each Box Includes:​

 ~ 1- 2 oz (depending on the blend) of premium luxury tea (Typically 2oz of loose leaf     yields around 30 cups of tea, depending on how strong you like it.)

 ~ information on the tea(s)

 ~ country of origin 

 ~ ingredients and flavor notes

 ~ stepping tips for a fabulous cup of tea.

Pick your Subscription below 

1 month - 20.00 (one time purchase) plus shipping

3 month - 54.00 (18.00 per month) billed in advance plus shipping

6 month - 90.00 (15.00 per month) billed in advance plus shipping 

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Monthly subscription 

Just One Month


Just One Month

3 Month Subscription


Cost 18.00 per month

3 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription 


Cost 15.00 per month

6 Month Subscription